Frequently Asked Questions

What versions of the Bible is the Sword Bible available in?

Every Sword Bible is available in the King James Version Easy Read (KJVER®). The Sword Study Bible is also available in the KJV. What is the King James Version Easy Read (KJVER®)?

The KJVER® is an updated edition of the King James Version which changes no-longer-used seventeenth-century language to its modern equivalent to make it easier for modern audiences to read. For example, “knoweth” becomes “knows”, “thee” becomes “you”, and “wist” becomes “knew”. Each word replacement in the KJVER® was carefully chosen to keep the text of the beloved KJV intact while also making it more accessible for today’s audiences.

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What is the difference between the Sword Bible and the Sword Study Bible?

The main difference between the Sword Bible and the Sword Study Bible is that the Sword Study Bible has many additional features which the Sword Bible does not have, most significantly the Margin Reference Study Guide and the Treasury of Biblical Information. The other difference is that while the Sword Bible is only available in the KJVER®, the Sword Study Bible is available in both the KJV and the KJVER®. Both editions have the complete red-lettering of God’s spoken words, definitions of difficult terms throughout, and the Hebrew names of God noted in the margins.

What are the available trim and font sizes?

For details concerning the specific trim and font sizes available in each edition of the Sword Bible, please see the chart below.

Sword Bible size chart

What is ultrasoft?

The ultrasoft Bible cover is imitation leather made from polyurethane, a high quality material from Italy which is known for its softness, flexibility, and long-lasting durability.

Who is the intended audience of the KJVER®?

With the KJVER®, we are hoping to reach people who might be looking for an easier version of the King James Version, whether for personal devotions or for ministry. We want to provide the King James Version for Christians who want to read it but who have always been discouraged by the complexity of the older language.

What is the Word for Word program?

The Word-for-Word program is a one-for-one Bible donation initiative to get the Word of God into the hands of people all over the world. For every purchase of any Sword or Sword Study Bible, Whitaker House will donate a Bible to someone in need.

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Is there an eBook version or digital copy of the Sword Bible?

Currently there is no digital or eBook version of the Sword Bible available. We have plans to produce this in the future, but do not have an expected date of availability yet.