KJVER Overview

The King James Version Easy Read (KJVER®) is "The Trusted King James in an Easy Read Format".

The KJVER® follows the King James Version more closely than any other contemporary edition available. It updates the text of the King James by changing words which are no longer used today to their modern equivalents. For example, seventeenth-century verb forms, like knoweth, shouldest, shalt, etc., have been changed to their modern forms, knows, should, shall, etc. Seventeenth-century pronouns (thee, thy, ye, etc.) have also been updated to their modern forms, with care taken to preserve their singular or plural forms which the modern pronoun might not specify. The goal of these carefully selected updates was to leave the original verse structure and wording of the KJV intact while at the same time making it easier for today’s audiences to read and understand.

In all this, the KJVER® still presents the King James translation in its verbal, formal-equivalent accuracy. It remains a word-for-word translation, as opposed to a subjective, dynamic-equivalent translation. Modernizing the KJV eliminates much of the confusion that modern readers often have with the language of the King James Version, and we hope that these minor adjustments will make the King James more accessible for today’s readers.

For more information on the specific attributes of the KJVER®, and for a complete list of all word replacements, please visit our website at www.KJVER.com.

KJVER - The Trusted King James Version in an Easy Read Format KJVER - The Trusted King James Version in an Easy Read Format